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“Identity is cause;brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman


Scouting locations for development is a lonely experience for a visionary. Walking through the terrain you must consider location and access, urban structures, regulations and permits, materials and performance but these are only the practical aspects of land development. Choosing the right plots, positioning the community just in the right angle to the landscape, not only to preserve but to enhance the vista landmarks at that location, envisioning the lifestyle and the quality of life of those who will call this place “home” is the real job of the developer, honoring the essential principle of harmony, “Nothing is beautiful when it is misplaced.” Jerry Blakemore states, "When we design our developments, I want to know what each homeowner will see from that window, envision their children playing in the backyard, having them seated for dinner. We feel it is our responsibility to build homes that people will never want to live and that have been our experience so far."

When you work in the construction industry, you see the evidence of your work every day. You’re out there, creating something, pursuing a vision larger than here and now and that requires two types of quality. First is meeting the duty of being practical and second, being pleasant and graceful at doing that.

The buildings we construct reflect the society for which they stand, outliving those very societies, monuments bearing witness of that very society. Buildings are both lessons written in stone and living things, each with its own history and memories. Our blueprints are dreams of someone else’s future happiness.







  • We started building Legend Trail in 1993 and we built our last home there in 2005.

  • The Fairways Cottages original selling price was in the high 100’s. Today -2016- their resale price starts at $300K. The project was sold out in 5 years.

  • The Greens original selling price was in the mid $200’s K and today they are in the $400’s. This project was sold out in 3 years.

  • The Estates original selling price was in the high $300’s and today they are in the high $900’s. This project was sold out in 5 years.

  • The Preserve Summit original selling price was in the mid $400’s and today they are in the $800’s. This project sold out in 4 years also.

  • Pinnacle Peak Villas original price was $140K. In 2016 the starting price is $300K and up. As our previous projects, this one was completed and sold out in 4 years.

  • Los Portones Townhomes original selling price started at $160K, and it is now selling in $300’s and up. It was also built and sold out in 5 years.​

  • ​The future homes and products to be built by Castle Homes AZ, LLC would have the same type of appreciation because we select locations and product style that fits the majority of the home buying public. We take pride in designing something that is unique with lasting livability and enjoyment factor. The relationship between natural environment, home design and materials; lots orientation & placement are carefully considered and optimized whereas each home can have best of views at its location and best features to complement the views, enhancing and supporting luxury life style, independent of the homes prices.

  • At Castle Homes, LLC we have built homes to accommodate all kinds of price points and customer needs. You do not have to be famous to buy one of our homes, just able to enjoy a new lifestyle with your neighbors. If you walk through the neighborhood you will notice the lavish desert landscapes, beautifully maintained yards, attracting wildlife, fawns and bunnies, and a lot of migrating bird species. It is obvious how much the homeowners love living here.

  • I only had investors for the Fairways and the Greens and our investors were very pleased with their returns.  After these projects were completed, we self-funded the development of Summit Preserve and the Estates communities.

  • ​We built a golf course with a full service restaurant and bar. The development also features a community recreation center with meeting rooms, exercise facilities, gym, swimming pool and tennis courts and BBQ house.






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